Studio Grand Opening & Christmas Sale

Studio grand opening

       I am very excited to announce the grand opening of my studio.

After a long year of construction,  the day had finally arrived, when I moved in and started working in this beautiful, peaceful space.

It has always been my dream to have a studio, somewhat close to nature, where I can be inspired and work in a warm and cozy environment.  It has been a lot of efforts to save and restore an old garage on my property that I had purchased one and a half year ago. I had gone through many challenges to save the building but it was all worth it. I am very happy that I created my own sanctuary, where I can be in peace, harmony and work at the same time every single day. I could not have it done alone.  I am extremely thankful to a very special friend of mine who was always there giving an advice, helpful hand, making sure that the people I have hired, are doing their jobs.  It was not always easy.  We had learned a lot every single day as the construction had progressed. Over all, the building looks exactly what I had visioned, gives a really warm and inviting feeling when you are in the space.


     Please join me celebrating the Grand Opening and Christmas Party open house all day on Friday, December 5th and  extending it to all day on Saturday, December 6th as well. Please bring family and friends, take advantage of the exclusive Enchanted garments/Christmas decor sale that I will be offering on both days.

Enchanted ponchos

I am very grateful for all my clients and friends for the continuing support always. Since, I do not have any family in Canada other then my girls, are my family that I feel very blessed with.

Kind wishes to all,

Be safe during the holiday seasons,

May all you be blessed,


Please read and share this post! I will be randomly picking a winner of a special prize among those who like my page and/or shared this post. You will need to come to the studio to pick up your prize.

What’s the prize? Stay tuned, I will be posting this information soon on my page!

Enchanted discount tag