Locally Crafted Limited Editions of Ladies’ Garments

Our mission is to create a stylish, middle ground, wearable clothing line that is high quality, locally crafted here in York Region. All of our garments are fashion forward yet practical and versatile. Most pieces can be worn casually or can be dressed up for any special occasions. Katalin is particularly passionate about producing high quality goods locally, keeping uniqueness and individuality, catering to plus size ladies, who are sometimes being left behind in the fashion world.
All of our garments are locally crafted, traditionally handmade and produced in limited editions. Most pieces are designed to be stylish, sensual, generous in cuts, creating flattering apparel to ladies, regardless of age or body shape. Fabrics are chosen to be easy care, machine wash for the most part, so it is practical for today’s busy women of family life and the work force. Katalin is particular when it comes to incorporating her favorite, carefully chosen palettes, vibrant graphics, prints, patterns that are inspired by nature that surrounds all of us, makes us feel comfortable and sensual.
Katalin believes that every woman has their own uniqueness insides of them, that should be brought forward, showing individuality with their beautiful female presence.