Katalin Malatinszky

Visionary & Designer of Enchanted by Katalin

katalin Katalin is the visionary behind the “Enchanted” brand and lines of fashions & accessories, with a knowledge and vast amount of experience in design, fashion and tailoring. Katalin is unwavering when it pertains to acquiring fabrics, various materials and individually handcrafting high-fashion ladies’ garments & accessories within her home of York Region, Ontario.

Katalin is passionate about sustainable living, environmental protection, using local resources and has incorporated it into her daily life and vision for the “Enchanted” brand. Katalin has a keen interest and is inspired by such topics as over all design principals & elements, history of furniture/architecture, landscaping/nature, ancient cultures/sciences, colour theories and their effects on human psychology, where these interests are reflected in her creations & designs.