We are an exquisite, Artisan collection of ladies' garments and accessories that are custom crafted in Ontario, Canada. Each design is individually inspired by exclusive fabrics, earthy materials, such as, gem stones, crystals, natural woods, prepared in limited quantities for a truly unique style. Our pieces are high quality, versatile, elegant and sophisticated for any fashion-forward wardrobe regardless of age or body type. Every woman desires to feel distinct and exceptional, whether it be for a special occasion or just another day at work. Our objective is to provide our clients with high quality, individual pieces, that are produced and handcrafted from skilled Canadians. Our mission is helping to grow local economy by purchasing all of materials, craftsmanship from small regional companies.



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Our newly crafted products are continuously updated as we are progressing with our collection for the up coming spring/summer season. One of our mission is to serve PLUS SIZE ladies, as we feel, they are left behind sometimes in the mainstream retail world.  We are proud to cater to ladies regardless of any ages or body types. Every woman wants to feel feminine, unique, sensual in their own special way. We are here to help you to achieve the best impression of you.

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